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Aug 20 14 7:17 PM

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I am not able to reach anyone at talkiforums. I bought the pro setup online which allows unlimited topics, subforums, private subforums and also unlimited image and other features such as avatars. The only embed code I can find online is the one lefora used. Does Lefora still own Talki or did it go with the sweep several months ago. If no one there can help do you have a phone number or email address which works for the present owner. By the way the original admin did not keep up the payments and the 11,000 odd members on off-topic are fading away. I helped establish the group lefora started and I hate to see it go away. I assume that Lefora developed the talki chat and that is the reason for this jumbled request. My email is & my forum there is Thanks for being there.
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Aug 21 14 10:23 AM

Hi Zeke,

No we don't own talki, but if you have a lefora forum, then you don't need a talki forum. Where were you thinking of embedding it? They provide their own embed code, if I'm not mistaken.

Looks like their help page whitewalls, but I see an email for them when clicking on contact. The email is

You shouldn't have to embed your forum though, because already goes to your forum and the amount of data you can store is unlimited.

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Jul 17 16 8:41 PM

The talki forum is up and running

Check my work at . Or reach the talki forum direct at
It is the pro version which offers unlimited topics,  unlimited sub-forums, search package, image upload and more.
Please advise if I need to change anything. It would be nice if there was a way to advertise it to all the forums. As you know, it is a great way to advertise personal forums everywhere.
I am using both twitter and google to help it grow. As you know, it is nice to list your forum and get new members.
Thanks again for your insight and help.

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