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Jun 15 17 1:05 PM

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So....tried to post my first topic. I could preview beforehand. Everything looked fine. Was logged in, etc. After clicking Post I saw the topic in the correct forum. When I clicked on it I got an error 404 stating the page does not exist. What did I do wrong?
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Jun 15 17 1:21 PM

Hi there,

Thanks for reporting that, I'll forward it to our technical team.

In the meantime, could you try something for me? Try making a reply first and then try and start a new topic.

By the way, what is the link to your post that is not showing?


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Jun 16 17 12:43 PM

so an update for you...I went ahead and posted the same info again as a New Topic and it worked this time. Now there are two identically named topics titled "Bombers Baseball Club Looking for 9U Players". Can you delete the one that doesn't work???? It shows 0 replies and 0 views. The title also has an icon to the right of it that looks like a talking bubble you'd see in a comic strip. Probably not a big deal but I'd prefer for people to not see two of the same thing and think I'm incompetent...ha!

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