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Sep 26 13 8:17 AM

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My private forum (mcateecousins) was upgraded yesterday. All of our past pictures are no longer there. The new forum is significantly more difficult to navigate, and there is seems to be no way to insert a new image.

Also, the quoting feature is difficult to use. The response to the quote is imbedded within the quote itself, unless you go to the lower left corner of the reply box and click on a little icon to create a carriage return outside of the quote box. My members (my cousins) are finding issues such as this to be very difficult to navigate and not intuitive at all.

I'm willing to put up with some "growing pains" but I would like all of our past pictures loaded.

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Sep 27 13 7:31 AM

Pictures not showing after upgrade

Hello and welcome :).

If you go to your profile page and look in your account settings, you can change the post editor you use. One of the others might suit you better. To find your account settings, click on the small wrench icon in the top navigation bar of your profile page. Once that opens click the Forum link and you will see your editor choices.

Images are added differently on this software. Each free account comes with 30MB of image storage. Supporter accounts have 100MB. You can add images to your albums this way:

Once the images are in your albums you will seem them above your posts and you can insert them from there. You should see an insert image icon on your editor and you can add them from there.
You can also upload your images from  your computer to your albums from inside a post. If you are using the wysiwyg editor you would click this icon:
aaa4-3.jpg  from the editor tool bar to  open your album carousel. From there you could chose the upload link and add images to  an album there. Then refresh and add the image to  your post.

If you are using one of the 2.0 editors,  you will see a button above the editor like this:

Press that and you will see your image folders above and an upload button. Then once it is loaded you can click it twice or drag 'n drop it into your post.

Your attachments from you migrated forum will be coming as soon. After the boards are migrated the attachments all will be too. They are not lost, just waiting for their turn. :)

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