Feb 18 14 4:30 PM

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Hello Lefora,

We recently had a few updates, and we're excited to announce these today. These updates include bug fixes and improvements to existing features.

Theme improvements and fixes:

- A Check All box has been added at forum level, making topic moderation easier and quicker.
- The layout in advanced search has been changed, aligning the check boxes with the forum titles.
- The pager on the board themes has been fixed.

Account and profile fixes:

- Account email change is fixed.
- Email notification settings are fixed.
- What I've Been Up To section in profiles is now recording correctly.
- Login issues are fixed.

IE11 fixes:

- Profile switch menu can be used again..
- Community switch menu is also fixed.


- Forum help link in the footer of each community has been redirects to a general help overview page from which you can pick the most fitting help avenue for your needs.

Lefora Team

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