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Mar 1 14 3:40 AM

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I was typing out a reply to a post on this board - - When all of a sudden I was made to jump when an advert started playing a video. 

My question is.....  Are there meant to be adverts that start automatically blasting out if one is on the same page for more than a couple of minutes??  Just checking.

The ad took me to this page.
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Mar 1 14 9:16 AM

Hi Sandy,

No, that is not supposed to happen. Should it happen again, can you note the exact time it happens? If we have the exact time, we can pin it down and remove it.


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Mar 6 14 2:26 PM

Thanks, Sandy, we'll check tomorrow at that time.

BTW I looked into your issue above (where you posted with the wrong name). Apparently for some reason, it is only happening on this board here, I can't make it happen on any other Lefora boards.

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Mar 7 14 6:30 AM

Out of curiosity did you try being on then manually changing the yuku to lefora and then try to post on

I think it would have to do with coming from one board on the one system onto an identical board on this system.

You would have to use a name that is different on Yuku to what you have on Lefora.

You know me and puzzles - I hate not being able to figure them out, lol.

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Mar 7 14 12:37 PM

I didn't try promote, but I tried a variety of other boards and I was unable to do it, except here at the support board. If it has an identical name, it should ask you to sign in. If it has no equivalent on the other network, you should be redirected to the home page.
I have it on my list for further testing, but I've only been able to reproduce the issue here at support.

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