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Apr 14 14 2:42 AM

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This is seriously bugging me!!
I used to have the OPTION to have my forum displayed in blocks, which I personally DON'T LIKE. Now, I don't even have the option of having my forum layout the way I WANT IT.

Is this my forum or is it yours??
Why the heck do you keep making changes to everything?? Are you trying to cause everybody to leave? Because that's what you're going to get with all this crap going on.

I want my forum back the way I put it the first time around, with my top image showing properly and with my topics one beneath the other, so pretty please, get your act together and DO SOMETHING RIGHT for a change.


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Apr 27 14 1:52 PM

I don't understand why you would see my forum the way I want it to look, but to me (when I put it to the desktop settings), it looks like this:


I've tried looking through the settings menu, I've gone looking for the button that used to be there at the top to switch between blocks or the forum like you're apparently seeing it, I can't find how to have it displayed the way I want it to look.

This is very frustrating.

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Apr 28 14 1:29 AM

Are you viewing with an iPad? I do not see your on/off button for the layout there. But if you clear your cache on Safari, the wide layout is the default and you should switch back to it then.

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