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Jul 18 14 8:27 AM

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Hi there, I'm a new user here and I'm loving lefora so far, great interface and strucutre. But lately I've been facing some minor issues:

 - When I insert a Numbered List  there is three ways of using it numbers (1, 2, 3, ...) and letters (a, b, c, ...) and capital letters (A, B, C, ...). The source code is [list=1」, [list=a」 and [list=A」 respectively. But I wanted to use roman numerals  and the source code for this should be [list=i」 for (i, ii, iii, ...) or [list=I」 for (I, II, III, ...). But instead, if I try to use any of those it automatically changes to letters or capital letters.

 - When I use the Styles for words/texts, it works fine. But when I post it, it losses all the effects (Ps. The bold and italic works fine).
Test:Special ContainerMarker Yellow
Inserted Text

Any sugestions? I'm currently using Safari and I was wondering if another web browser might have a better performance.

In antecipation, thanks for the help.

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Jul 18 14 9:15 AM

Hi Kellso, welcome!

Can you tell me what browser you are using?

In the meantime, try this, and see if the problems are still there.

Go to your profile page and click the settings icon (wrench)
On the settings page, click "Forum"
On the forum page, look for editor type and switch to WYSIWYG
Make sure to save the changes.

See if that helps?

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Jul 18 14 9:37 AM

Hi, I'm using Safari (Macbook).

I did your tutorial step by step, and yes now things are working fine. But the new interface have a lot less options, I'll keep trying the other alternatives.

Thanks for the fast support.

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Jul 18 14 12:01 PM

You're welcome :) Yes you're correct, the one you switched to has less options. It does, however, work better for what you wish to do, as well as for editing. If you don't use the function a lot, you can always switch back and forth too.

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