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Aug 4 15 8:13 AM

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Hello, new to this.  I am wanting a banner at the top of the forum if that is possible. As it happens, I want it to be the same as the banner I use for my avatar. How do I put a banner pic at the top?
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#2 [url]

Aug 4 15 9:50 AM

Link not working

Thank you very much Becky, it looks great.

The link however, is not working.  I did try to find the domain/active/responsive place in admina nd could not.

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#7 [url]

Nov 3 15 6:59 AM

Hello and welcome :)

In your admin control panel, click on Responsive Templates.
Scroll to the bottom of that page, and you will see a white box there where you can add the banner URL.
Banner URL = a direct link to the picture.

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#8 [url]

Nov 3 15 3:03 PM

Thankyou for your reply. Does that mean we have to upload the pic to a website for it to work or can we upload a pic from computer? If have to upload to a website. What site do you suggest we use? and what do the specs of the pic need to be?

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#9 [url]

Nov 3 15 9:19 PM

Hi there,

You can create an album here at Lefora and upload it to your album, storage is free.

Just go to your profile page, click on photos and click create album :)

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