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Mar 13 16 11:57 AM

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How can i give charge to another admin.
How can i fixed icon to every posts.
How can i increase size of avatar.
Plz guide me.
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Mar 13 16 5:05 PM


Can you give us a link to your forum please?


In general, to make someone admin, go to your admin control panel, click on "manage" in the sidebar.
Click the blue edit icon to the right of the member you wish to make admin.
On the edit page, click the promote to admin button.

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Mar 22 16 1:22 PM

Do you mean you want to give a member admin powers? If so just go to your admin panel and under "Members" in the sidebar, click on Manage. Find the members name in the list and then click on the blue edit button to the far right of his name. This will open a page where you can change his level to admin.

If you mean posticons they are not available yet.

The avatar on the boards will display at 100x100px. That is in the base code. You can add something to the CSS of your skin, but you need to add a board theme. The library skins cannot be edited but you can add a copy that can. Look here: Let me know if there are any skins you wish added to your board and I'll import them. Then you can edit them.

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#5 [url]

Mar 23 16 4:36 AM

Hi, I've added a copy to your board themes now:

Any of the skins on the Demo board where you see the "Download XML" post, you can click the thumbnail there and save a copy of the xml to your computer. Then you can import it into your board themes. Once it is in your board themes you can edit it how you like.

But anytime you need help to add them just  reply here and we can do so for you. :)

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#11 [url]

Mar 25 16 9:23 PM

Hi there,

Most themes have a download option, you can download them, and then upload them to your forum. Once you're done, we'll be happy to upload the ones that don't have a download option for you.

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#12 [url]

Mar 26 16 11:00 AM

I am totaly new in this field so i disturb you, please dont mind.
How can i download & save like you.
How can i resize AVATAR, SIGNATURE .
How can i fix my banner/logo at centre.
Thanking you.

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#13 [url]

Mar 26 16 2:01 PM

To download the skins, just click the thumbnail image in the download XML post of the skin you want. Save that file to your computer. Then go to your admin panel, Responsive and the board themes tab. Click on the import and find the file in your computer.

Your signature will be the size that you create it as.

As I have said before avatars appear on the boards at 100x100px.

Go to your admin panel and on the "lefora Themes tab", look at the bottom of that page. You can add your banner there and choose left, right or center.

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#15 [url]

May 12 16 4:53 AM

Hi, each member can change their user name in their account. You can change the way it displays on your board now.  Go to your Admin Panel and in the sidebar under Members, click on the Member Display Name link.

There you can change the usernames.

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