Apr 20 16 1:42 PM

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Lefora's outrageous spring promotions.

Spring is here, and we're going to celebrate it with unprecedented discounts and promotions, don't miss out on the limited time offers.

Gold Promotion

Purchase 2 months of gold, get 1 free week added.
Purchase 6 months of gold, get 1 extra month added.
Purchase 1 year of gold, get no less than 3 extra months added.

Purchases of ad-free credits up to $30 receive 10% extra credits.
Purchases of ad-free credits greater than $30 receive 15% extra credits.
Purchase 360,000 ad-free credits ($72) and receive 20% extra credits.

Lefora Supporter:

First time purchase of Lefora supporter is still available at the discounted price of $10.80 (less than a dollar a month). But, let's not stop there. 
In addition to the discounted price for first time supporter purchases, we now offer a Lefora Supporter super sale. Purchase a one year supporter account for a friend, and get 6 months of supporter added to your own account as well.

Promotion packages:

$17.99 promotion package:
- 2 months ad-free or 60,000 ad-free pageviews. Value: $12
- Two 6 month supporter accounts to any profile of your choice. Value: $14 at the regular price
- Promotion on our Lefora facebook page.
- Link to your forum added at http://lefora-team.u.lefora.com where you will be seen by targeted traffic. Value: priceless.

$30.00 promotion package:
- 3 months ad-removal for boards on days, or 90,000 ad-free pageviews for boards on pageviews. Value: $18
- 6 months supporter for 4 members of your choice. Value: $28 at the regular price.
- We feature your board on our Lefora facebook page as well as the Crowdgather facebook page.
- We feature your board for 1 month at http://promote.lefora.com
- We feature your board on http://lefora-team.u.lefora.com

If you wish to take advantage of any of the above promotion packages, please make sure to contact the help desk at http://support.lefora.com/support/tickets/new

Gold and supporter purchases can be made at any time, just make sure to contact the desk so that your extras can be applied.
Promotion packages: Please contact the help desk for further instructions.

Lefora Supporter perks: http://www.lefora.com/home/supporterstory

All promotion purchases will be processed manually by our staff.