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Jun 7 16 6:04 AM

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I am the owner of a board and trying to get things setup before bringing in the masses. I have setup my Admin and Moderator auto titles.  Admins and mods have posted and when they do the auto title does display properly.
The issue is that I have no title. When I post I do not have an auto title. When I look at my user i am owner and under auto titles it displays the admin title just like it does on Admin profiles. For some reason I do not have any auto title for posts though.  Is there a bug with this? Do I need to set myself a custom title?
The board is located here.
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Jun 7 16 8:26 AM

Hello and welcome :)

This is not a bug, it is by design. Owners don't have an admin title display because they are owner. Go to your member list and click the blue edit icon to the right of your username. You can add a custom title for yourself on that page there.

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