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Jun 11 16 5:30 PM

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We will have a scheduled maintenance starting very early Sunday morning, June 12, 2016. The network will be off line, starting 12:01 AM Pacific time, 3:01 AM Eastern time.

If you need a little help converting this to your time zone, please consult the world clock at

The maintenance is expected to last a couple hours, though it is difficult to give a precise time.

If need be, updates will be given at
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Jun 11 16 11:11 PM

Update at 3:09 AM Eastern time:

The maintenance will be postponed until hardware upgrades are in place. The network will not be off line at this time :)
Databases are still being backed up at this time, you may experience white screens while posting. This issue should disappear shortly.

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Jun 12 16 1:00 AM

Update at 5:00 AM Eastern time:

The white screens after posting should be resolved now. However, please note that any posts made in the past 5 hours will not be updated in the last post column. Posts made from this point on will update as usual.

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