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Jul 29 16 3:08 AM

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Hello there, just wondering if anyone can help me.  I've just established a new community forum and when I try to send email invites, it says they have been sent but no email actually goes out. (I have been sending the email invites to my own second account.)  I then tried setting up a second account within Lefora so that I could send an invite to that by name.  I was able to send an invite to the username/Lefora member account that I had set up, and that account name now shows up as a member in my forum.  However when I log in to that account, it says it has no communities and no invitations.

Any advice as to what I might be doing wrong here?

Thanks in advance,

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Jul 29 16 1:02 PM

Hi there Marisa,

There is one reason why an invite wouldn't go through, it's if the email is already in the system. But, I do believe there is an issue with invites, and have put it back on my test list.

In the meantime, you could just send a direct email with a link to your forum because that is all the invite does anyway, it sends a link.

Now for the profile you invited, it will now show the communities until you've made a post. After you make your first post, the community will show.

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Aug 17 16 11:22 AM page isn’t working

I have a new forum and have attempted to add a new invitation only member but I get page isn’t working

This person just signed up as a Lefora member. Do they have to post soemwhere before being invited into my invitation only forum? Any other ideas?

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Oct 4 16 8:01 AM

Invites Won't Go Through

Dear Friends,

I have tried to invite people to the community forum I just set up and it won't go through.  I even used one of my secondary email addresses and the email doesn't go through.  Please help.  

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Oct 4 16 12:42 PM

Hi there,

We'll take a look at that soon again. In the meantime, what you could do is just send a regular email and send them your link, because this is what the invite function does anyway, it sends a link to your forum.

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