Dec 3 16 3:28 PM

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Dear Lefora Supporters,

We realize that the past few weeks has been extremely frustrating, but we assure you that it will get much, much better. 

We had expected the migration to be complete by Friday, but a database server crashed during the relaunch causing significant outages.  There was no loss of data, but definitely an annoying loss of access. For this we truly apologize.  We are working on reconfiguring the database again, but Lefora is massive, comprising over a decade of posts and tens of thousands of communities and there is no modern infrastructure that Lefora can easily be ported over with.
We anticipate the move will be over by the end of this week, barring any other unforeseen circumstances.  When the move is done, you will see steady improvements and progress including faster load times, improved moderation efficiency, and of course an amazing mobile interface.  We believe that the move will set Lefora up for growth over the next several years which is why we ask you to bear with us during this time.  Your support means everything to us, but CrowdGather was down to only one engineer which made it impossible to make changes.  Now things will be better.
Going forward, we will post an update of expected outages when databases are being synchronized.  We will try our best to do these when Lefora experiences the lightest traffic in order to minimize interruptions.  We will also let you know when the move is done so you can report any feedback from your membership which needs to be addressed or corrected.
Thank you for your continued support and patience. Very soon we hope to be in a position that makes up for all of this confusion.

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