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Dec 31 16 2:32 AM

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Since the last mantainance I noticed the total views count in the Community Stats went back to 0 and remained at 0 despite the new views. 

Why is that ? Is it a bug that will be solved( and if it is the case, will we have our views back ? ) or is it a permanent situation ? 

Thanks for your attention. 

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Dec 31 16 11:24 AM

You're not alone - our forum's Total Views have been 0 too...and the 'Most Replies Today' link from the "Popular" section has vanished since the migration.

Also, page loads and previews are still as slow as ever and the size of tables able to be successfully posted has shrunk - maybe it's just me, maybe it's all the ads, but it's the same in IE11 and Chrome.


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